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Tool Boxes - Where to Use Them

The concept of a tool box is quite simple, a box made to hold tools. However, throughout the years the tool box has evolved, the tools themselves have evolved as well. Besides, it is not only about tools like screwdrivers, hammers and other small manual tools. Power Tools are larger and heavier and they also need to be stored somewhere..

It is not only about the tools, but also where to keep the tools box and how to access its content. For a tradies who is on the road to get his job done, the tools will be in the car. For a DIY enthusiast who has several projects around the house, the tools will be in the garage or shed. For a business the tools will be in a workshop or warehouse. Different users will need different ways to store and access the tools. 

UTE Canopy

As described before, tradies will need their tools stored on the UTE. The best way of doing this is a canopy tool box. These are tool boxes designed to be mounted on the canopy of the car. They allow easy access to the tools, and because the UTE canopy is large enough, it is possible to have a significant number of tools “on the go” with the tradie everywhere he goes. 

Toolbox Canopy

Now that we know the UTE canopy is the best place to have a tool box, let’s have a look at the toolbox for canopy you can find in the Australian market today.

There are many options to choose from. You can have the tool box on the top of the canopy to take advantage of the available space in it; this option is the preferred one for those who want to carry a large number of tools in the UTE. However, there is a model of an undertray tool box, as the name suggests, this option is installed under the UTE tray, so you still have all the space in the tray to carry whatever you need, and the tools go under the tray in the tool box.

The reality is there are many different models of tool box for UTE, regardless if it is installed under or on the top of the tray. Just make sure it is designed to Australian weather conditions, as the tool box is expected to be exposed to the weather for long hours per day, if not full time. 

Toolbox For Workshops

Certain businesses, such as mechanical workshops, electricians, smash repairs services, among others, need a large number of tools and equipment to operate. So there is a need to keep all the gear organized, accessible and safe. 

There are different options to achieve that goal, but one of the most popular ones is the toolbox trolley. This product is a combination between a heavy duty tool box and a trolley. It has been designed to store medium to large tools and can be moved around where the gear is needed. This is particularly useful to large workshops, where the tools need to be moved around where the job is being done.

Good brand of toolbox trolley will feature lockable drawers. This is particularly important to businesses with a large number of people in the workshop, so it is possible to keep the tools safe.

More Than a Toolbox

We believe the name “tool box” as commonly known in the market is unfair. This product is not only a tool box, they are a moving cabinet. In the advanced models, the storage compartments are quite large and fit decent size equipment.

There also is the toolbox chest, which is a smaller version of the trolley. This product is designed to be placed on the top of tables or benches. Much smaller in size, the toolbox chest does not offer the same storage capacity compared to the toolbox trolley, but they are a very good option for small business and personal use.
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