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The Benefits Of A Monitor Arm

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As more and more people are working on flat-panel monitors, office injuries are becoming extremely common due to working with incorrect postures, injuries such as neck pain, low back strain, eyesight problems, etc.

Thankfully, with the assistance of using a monitor arm, this can be easily prevented. You may be asking, what is a monitor arm? A monitor arm is strong and flexible, and replaces the original monitor stand by clipping to the edge of your desk. The device allows you to adjust the height and tilt of your screen quite smoothly, rather than keeping it bound to one viewing position. The monitor arm is quickly finding its way into thousands of offices around the world as its installation and ergonomic benefits is so convenient.



Below Are 4 Amazing Benefits Of The Monitor Arm:

1. Physical Harm Preventions

One of the most important tips for preventing physical harms is maintaining an ergonomic posture at work, because as we mentioned earlier, a monitor arm can help you adjust the screen easily to fit a healthier posture. Simply place the monitor at a suitable distance, and make sure the top of the screen is tilted slightly away from you. You thought that was all? Well, you can also switch from a sitting to standing position easily by using the adjustable monitor arm, to reduce the physical health risks caused by a work style of prolonged sitting.


2. Productivity Improvements

As computer technology is in continuous development and evolution, one monitor is simply not enough to meet people's demands, hence why two or more monitors are needed to display the programs that would usually be running on just one computer. More and more workplaces are understanding that having a workstation with multiple monitors can significantly improve productivity. According to the published studies, having multiple screens to work from in a workplace setting can increase productivity up to 42%. How crazy is that, and it’s for this reason we suggest using the adjustable multi-monitor arm to offer a more dynamic and comfortable workstation for you.


3. Free Your Desktop Space

A great additional benefit of a monitor arm includes reducing clutter and improving the overall look of your desk by providing more desk space and keeping messy cables hidden. Monitor arms can make better use of the desktop, which in turn dramatically improves efficiency and productivity.


4. Affordable and Simple Solution of Sit-Stand Desk

By adding an adjustable monitor arm to your life, it allows for an ergonomic workstyle without buying a full sit-stand desk set. This becomes very cost-effective and can also be placed on the existing desk, which is an incredible solution for limited office space and built-in furniture.


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