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The advantages of extra long TV wall mounts

The advantages of extra long TV wall mounts

When it comes to making a television viewing space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, one of the most important things to consider is the type of TV wall mount you use. Extra long TV wall mounts can offer numerous advantages that can make your viewing experience even better. By providing additional stability and flexibility, extra long TV wall mounts can help make sure that your television is mounted in the ideal position for enjoying movies and shows.

Benefits of TV wall mounts

For many homeowners, finding a spot for the television can be tricky. The placement of the television can play an important role in how enjoyable it is to watch shows or movies. Installing a TV wall mount offers several advantages that make watching television easier and more enjoyable. 

TV wall mounts provide the convenience of having your television placed at eye level for comfortable viewing regardless of where you are seated in the room. This eliminates neck strain from having to constantly look up high or down low to see what’s on screen. 

Additionally, since most wall mounted televisions are positioned against a flat surface like a wall, it allows viewers to make use of their floor space which may not have been possible if they had opted for furniture-mounted televisions instead.

Improved Aesthetics

The modern living room has changed dramatically in recent years, with the addition of flat-screen TVs and sleek sound systems. With these advances comes the need for better security and placement options. TV wall mounts are an excellent way to improve aesthetics while keeping your television secure. 

These mounts provide a perfect solution for those looking to decorate their home or office with a tasteful television setup. Not only do they keep the TV off the ground, but they also provide improved ergonomics and aesthetic appeal. Plus, many of today’s models can be easily adjusted to give you optimal viewing angles as well as easy access when needed. 

TV wall mounts come in various sizes and styles, allowing homeowners to choose one that best fits their existing decor while still providing a secure fit for their television.

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More Options for TV Placement

In today’s modern age, the demand for a cleaner and sleeker home interior is increasing. TV wall mounts provide an easy solution to make the most of limited space in any room. Not only do they provide a great aesthetic look, but they also give more options when it comes to where you can place your television.

Mounting your TV on the wall gives you more control over its height and angle so that you can find optimal viewing comfort from any part of the room. Furthermore, with such versatile placement options available, there’s no need to clutter up countertops or consoles with bulky furniture just to keep your TV secure and at eye level.

Improved Viewing Angles

Not only TV wall mounts save precious floor space, but they also provide much improved viewing angles and accessibility. With a TV wall mount, the television can be placed at an optimal height and distance from wherever viewers are sitting, allowing for comfort while watching movies or TV shows without having to strain their neck or eyes. 

TV wall mounting is also ideal for creating a theater-like experience in the home with immersive sound and picture quality that cannot be achieved with traditional stands. Wall mounts allow users to adjust the tilt of the screen so it is always facing them, providing a better angle than if it were on a stand that could not be adjusted.

Standard TV wall mount: standard Vs extra long arm

When it comes to mounting a television, there are many different types of mounts available. One important distinction to make is between a standard TV wall mount and an extra long arm TV wall mount. While both provide secure support for your television, the two differ significantly in their structure and function. Let's discuss the differences between a standard TV wall mount and an extra long arm TV wall mount so you can decide which one is right for you.

Wider range of viewing angles

Extra long arm TV wall mounts provide a much wider range of viewing angles than standard arm TV wall mounts. With an extra long arm, users can tilt their large flat-screen TVs up to 15 degrees in either direction, allowing for more control over the viewing angle and distance from the mounting surface. With this added range of motion, users can customize their viewing experience without compromising on comfort or convenience.

The use of an extra long arm provides a wider range of movement to accommodate different sitting positions and living spaces. Not only does it increase flexibility while watching movies or playing video games, but it also helps to minimize glare from windows and other light sources when adjusting the display position. The extended reach allows for easier access to HDMI ports and power outlets that may be located behind the television as well as improved cable management options for hiding away unsightly cords and wires.

Easy Tilting

Extra long arm TV wall mount provides easy tilting, no tools required. This mount is perfect for busy households, providing flexibility and convenience. It's ideal for anyone looking to maximize their viewing experience in larger rooms or at greater distances from the TV monitor. 

The extra long arm wall mount can tilt up to 15 degrees and extend out up to 23 inches, allowing you to adjust your TV viewing angle without any complications or additional tools. You'll be able to enjoy a comfortable view of your favorite shows and movies on the big screen with maximum flexibility.

This innovative design allows you to install your large screen television quickly and easily, with no hassles or messes involved. Its simple clamping system securely attaches it to your wall while giving it support and stability even when fully extended outward beyond its 23-inch reach.

Quick release

A good quality, extra long arm TV wall mount allows for quick release and easy locking of your television. It is the perfect solution for larger TVs, offering a wide range of motion that can be adjusted to fit in most spaces. The extra long arm ensures that the television is securely held in place and allows for an optimal viewing angle no matter where it is placed.

The quick release feature makes installation and removal effortless as well as providing peace of mind knowing that your TV can quickly be removed if needed. The mount also comes with adjustable tilt and swivel functions so you can customize the viewing angle to suit your needs and preferences. Plus, its durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come without any problems or issues arising.

Final words

Extra long arm TV wall mounts can make all the difference when it comes to finding the perfect television setup. With a good quality extra long arm TV wall mount, you'll be able to get your TV in just the right spot for optimal viewing. Not only that, but you'll also benefit from its quick release feature. This allows you to easily lock and release your TV with minimal effort.

These types of wall mounts are ideal for locations where space is limited or irregularly shaped. A wide range of motions and angles can be achieved with an extra long arm wall mount, allowing you to adjust it based on your needs at any given time. It's built with heavy-duty materials so that it will remain securely locked in place even when extended out fully.



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