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The 5 Best TV Mounts for Every Budget

The 5 Best TV Mounts for Every Budget

TV mounts are a must-have for any home theater setup. They provide a safe and secure way to mount your TV to the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. But with so many different types and brands of TV mounts available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That's why we've put together this list of the 5 best TV mounts for every budget. 

There are three types of TV mounts: wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and stands. Wall mounts attach to the wall and allow the TV to hang off of it, while ceiling mounts attach to the ceiling and allow the TV to hang down. Traditional stands are like small tables that the TV sits on top of. However, modern stands have an option to have the television mounted on it. Each type of mount has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

VESA standard

Before even starting describing the available  TV mount in the market today, it is important to explain what VESA standard is. It is likely you will come across this term while you are looking for an option to mount your TV. 

There are many different types of TV wall mounts available on the market. But which one should you choose? Before making a decision, it’s important to understand what the VESA standard is.

The VESA standard is a specification set by the Video Electronics Standards Association that determines the size and spacing of mounting holes on the back of a television. This standard helps to ensure that your TV will be compatible with most wall mounts. In other words, if both the TV and the mounting bracket are compatible with VESA standard, you know they are compatible.

When choosing a TV wall mount, be sure to check the VESA compatibility of both the mount and your television. Many mounts come in different sizes, and not all mounts will be compatible with every television. If your mount isn’t compatible with your TV, you may need to purchase an adapter plate.

For a better understanding about VESA standard, I recommend you to read the article: What is VESA Standard?

TV wall mount

A TV wall mount is a device that attaches to the back of a television and allows it to be hung on a wall. This is a popular option for people who want to save floor space in their home. There are many different types of TV wall mounts, so it is important to choose one that is right for your television and your home. Some mounts allow you to tilt the TV up and down, while others allow you to rotate it from side to side. It is also important to make sure that the mount is strong enough to support the weight of the television.

Price wise, it is possible to buy a TV wall mount bracket from $20. A premium mount can cost just over $200. Economical mount will suit small televisions and will not allow you to move, or tilt the TV in any way. The monitor will be fixed on the wall and that is it. 

Expensive mounts will suit large TVs, up to 100 inches. They will likely allow the user to move the TV around, both horizontally and vertically. 

Ceiling TV mount

A ceiling TV mount is a device that attaches to the ceiling and holds a television. This type of mount is used when there is no room for a traditional TV stand.

Ceiling mount televisions are not a common site in most households. They are often used in places like hospitals, schools, or businesses. A good example where you can find ceiling mounts is a fast food restaurant.

There are a few reasons why ceiling mounts are not common in households. Ceiling mounts can be difficult to install. It is often difficult to find the studs in the ceiling and to drill holes through the drywall.

In family residences it is convenient to have the TV placed close to the wall, so naturally wall mounts or TV stands will be more popular among ordinary households. 

TV floor stands

You can use a TV floor stand and still mount your TV. Modern stands will come with a mounting plate, in which you can mount the TV on. If you have the stand close to the wall, you cannot even tell the television is mounted on the stand, as you will think it is mounted on the wall.

As an extra bonus, TV floor stands will often offer to their user some extra storage space, so it is possible to keep a gaming console, blu-ray or stereo. 

Price wise, a good TV floor stand does not cost much more than a TV wall mount, but on average, the price is slightly higher. However, you save on the installation cost, as you don’t need to install a floor stand.

Artiss TV Wall Mount Bracket

This Artiss TV Wall Mount is the perfect way to add a touch of modern sophistication to any room. It is universally compatible with most major TV brands, so you can be sure that it will fit your television perfectly. The mount is easy to install and use, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their television viewing experience.

The main features of this mount are:

  • Fits 23 inch to 55 inch TV screen
  • Multi-directional for perfect viewing angle
  • Flexible mounting for various VESA measurements
  • 180 degrees swivel
  • Safety lock

This mount is sold in the market as entry level. It costs around $25. Click here to buy this product Australia wide. 

Brateck Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 70 inch TV

The Brateck Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 70 inch TV is the perfect way to mount your curved or flat panel TV. With dual-arm design, this full motion wall mount gives you extended reach and tilts for the perfect viewing angle. The 50kg 110lbs weight capacity means it can handle most TVs up to 70 inches.

Tilt and swivel your TV in order to be able to easily view it from any room. The level adjustment function can allow the user to set the TV to move 3 times clockwise and counterclockwise until it level in the intended position. The integrated cable management feature will keep your cables organized and protected. The wall plate holder is designed to fit 406-450mm stud configurations.

The average price of this mount in the market is $100. Click here to find further details about this product and purchase it from TecnoTools.

Brateck Extra Long Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

This TV wall mount features a 1044mm arm extension. It means it allows the TV to be maneuvered to the maximum viewing range for larger, heavier TVs. It can withstand TV up to 80kg. This mount provides a smooth and effortless movement of the television, it also has cable management features to keep the room nice and tidy. Last but not least, it has a quick-release mechanism, for a fast and easy installation.

This TV wall mount sold in the market for around $200. Click here to find further details and buy this product in Australia. 

Artiss Floor TV Stand Bracket Mount

As explained above in this article. A TV floor stand can be a great alternative to wall mounted TVs. If you choose a modern stand just like this Artiss one, you can mount the television onto the mounting place and have a similar visual effect of a wall mount.

This TV stand has height adjustment, 35 degrees swivel, cable management, storage compartment and mounting place. It can be used to TV as large as 70 inches and 60kg. 

This stand is sold in the Australia market for around $100. Click here to check all the features of the stand and purchase the product. 

Dual Monitor TV Floor Stand

If you have a business that uses video conferences a lot, you might need not one, but two monitors. You can still mount the TVs if you have more than one. In that case, a wall mount is not recommended. For applications like this you should use a double monitor/TV floor stand.

This one sold by TecnoTools is sturdy and robust enough to hold two TVs up to 55 inches and 50kg each, despite being made of lightweight aluminum material. Other features are: cable management, video camera attachment, and sound bar dedicated shelf. 

This double TV floor stand is normally sold in Australia for $1,200. By clicking here you can find the full list of features and buy this product.
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