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Small Parts Storage. What is the best way of doing it?

Small Parts Storage. What is the best way of doing it?

The smaller the part is, the more difficult it is to manage it. It is worse depending on the number of parts you need to deal with. Small parts storage is easily underestimated until you have a problem with it. 

When we say “storage” it is not fair to describe what actually needs to be done. I believe the correct terminology is “parts management”, as it involves the following tasks:

  • Identify and catalogue all the parts;
  • Store them in a organized way, and in a suitable container
  • Label each container and keep records of what you are keeping
  • Set up the storage in a way it can be easy to access

A business that needs to manage hundreds or thousands of small parts can be easily overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing the stock of these parts. It is not only businesses that can get caught up with the tricky responsibility of managing small parts. A person involved with airplane or boat modeling will need a lot of organization to keep all the small parts necessary to build the miniature airplane.

The usage of appropriate storage solutions is very important to achieve an optimal parts management. There is nothing more frustrating than delaying a job, or a project just because you cannot find the right part.

Below, I describe a few options of storage solutions available in the market.

  • Bin Wall Mount Parts Racks are great if you do not have enough space. The fact that you can hang all your tools and parts on the way will save space, so it is ideal for small workshops, garages or wherever you desire to keep your gear. Good racks come with different sizes of wall mounted storage bins, besides they should be detachable allowing easy access to it.

  • Bin Storage Shelving Racks on Stand are very similar to the ones mounted on the wall. It takes more space and for that reason it might not fit small workshops. However, it generally allows larger bins and different designs. That being said, the main advantage of this model of storage is that it withstands heavier loads. Bins on stand can take over 100Kg. Good quality brands guarantee around 130Kg. The system is way more robust.  

  • Bin Storage Shelving Racks on Castor Wheels are somewhere in between wall mounted and on stand. It has a larger capacity compared to the wall mounted storage bins, but it is not as heavy duty as the version on stand. Because it is designed to be moved around, the length of the rack tends to be a bit smaller. The main advantage of this product is that it can be moved easily around the workshop.


A good option to keep, not only small, but larger parts are the tool trolley. Just like the storage bin racks, there are many different options and configurations of this product. They are very robust storage options made of steel and good quality brands are built to last.

Traditionally, tool trolleys were designed to keep midsize parts or tools. The drawers are usually large in size, so small bits and pieces can easily get mixed up. However, some models have the top drawers made in smaller sizes and the bottom ones are larger. This makes the tool trolley flexible enough for smaller size tools and parts.

It is possible to find different sizes and stand options. Some are shorter and designed to be placed on top of benches, others are taller and stand on castors wheels.  

Moving away from parts and getting into tools, there are different options to suit the needs of those keeping a large number of tools. These options are equally robust like the tool chest trolley, but are more flexible in its shapes and forms.

Depending on the tools you would like to keep, you can use a wall mounted tool storage rack. With no bins or drawers, you can only keep wrenches and spanners by placing them on the tools holders. Because it is wall-mounted, it fits in small spaces applications. 

Giantz Spanner Holder Wrench Bin Rack Tool Screwdriver Organizer Garage Workshop

With a more traditional look, tool box trolley cases offer a way to keep a number of tools in a relatively small case. It comes on wheels and it is very sturdy. Giantz trolley case is sold completed as a tool box and hundreds of tools are sold together. So it is a great way for you to start your workshop. Besides, you do not need to worry about fitting existing tools to a brand-new tool box. 

786pcs Tool Kit Trolley Case Mechanics Box Toolbox Portable DIY Set SL

Here at TecnoTools we are not a tool box shop. However, we understand that keep your parts and tools organized is the first step for getting a project ready, so we offer a comprehensive range of parts and tools storage solutions. 

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