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Product Review: Giantz Bin Wall Mounted Rack Storage Organiser

Product Review: Giantz Bin Wall Mounted Rack Storage Organiser

A wall mounted bin storage is extremely overlooked. Because it is a very simple device, made of plastic and very easy installation, people tend not to pay attention to it, until they find themselves without it. Then, they will realise how useful it is to have a storage solution hanging on the wall. Regardless if you intend to use a wall storage bin for commercial or personal purposes. If you have a large number of parts, or tools to be organised, you must have a way to keep them manageable, it means keep them in an organised way, located in a safe place, which is of easy access but out of the way at the same time, so it cannot take much space. The Giantz 30 Bin Wall Mounted Rack Storage Organiser is the perfect product to do the job.


Easy Assembly

It is a simple product composed by a cast iron peg board and detachable heavy duty plastic containers. As the peg board is wall mounted, there are no wheels, stands, or any other support mechanism; which means it takes minimum space. Besides, it is very easy to assemble the peg board on the wall. It comes with pre-drilled holes and screws; so all you have to do is to drill the holes on the wall and screw the peg board in.

The product comes with mounting slots, so you can easily attach and remove the bins. 

Different Size Bins & Weight  Capacity

This product is not only for small parts storage organizers. It comes with two different size plastic bins, so you can keep small and large parts and tools. However, it is not suitable to keep large power tools, as the largest container is 10 x 16 x 7cm. So you have to bear in mind that the product has been designed to store small parts. Another factor that may stop you from keeping larger parts of power tools is the weight capacity. The small bin (10 x 9 x 5cm) can withstand up to 1Kg and the largest bin 1.5Kg.


Labelling spot

If you are dealing with a large number of parts and tools, it is only expected that you can easily identify them. Going through all your tools to find what you want is time consuming and annoying. That is why the Giantz 30 Bin Wall Mounted Rack Storage Organiser comes with a labelling surface at the front of each bin. All you have to do is to print, or handwrite the labels and stick to the designs labelling spot.


Detachable Bins

This product has been designed to optimize the space, it means it is compact where it can be, so the bins are very close together. You cannot slide the bins horizontally, as there are no sliding slots. However, there are mounting slots, so you can attach or remove the bins from the peg. 

Another advantage of the mounting slots is that you can arrange the bins the way it suits you best. The product installation manual will suggest an arrangement of the bins, but you do not need to use it if you do not want to.



This product is essential for people keeping a large number of parts and tools. It is made of  high quality material and built to last. It is a great product to keep the warehouse or the garage tidy and organised. The only downturn is the weight capacity limitation, so you cannot even try to keep large and heavy parts or power tools, because even if you manage to fit them in the bins, the weight capacity is just 1kg to 1.5kg depending on the bin size. 

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