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Everything About The Giantz 800W High Pressure Water Pump

Everything About The Giantz 800W High Pressure Water Pump

When it comes to water pumps, you want something that is reliable, powerful and easy to use. The Giantz 800W High Pressure Water Pump is one such product that has been gaining a lot of attention in the market. This pump boasts an impressive 800W motor that is capable of delivering a flow rate of up to 54L/min with maximum lift of 40m. Let’s have a look at all the features, benefits and disadvantages of this high pressure water pump. 

Main Purpose of the Product

This pump was designed for the consistent water supply of various kinds of water for use in specialized tasks. Everything about the GIANTZ Water Pump is designed to survive and last. Its hardy stainless steel exterior safeguards the motor and water pump. The 800W copper motor is energy-efficient. The precise fittings enable each part to work perfectly with one another.

The Pump's self-priming mechanism allows it to deliver a maximum flow rate of 54 liters per minute, with a maximum water delivery of cover height up to 40 meters. It has a highly effective thermal control system. The Pump's lightweight and portable design makes it simple to use anywhere and it has a sturdy, platform-resistant base to support its balance.

Where to Use It

A water pump is a device used to move water from one place to another. It is an essential part of many different types of equipment and can be used in a variety of settings, including residential homes. In a home, a water pump can be used for a wide range of applications, such as providing pressure for showers and other fixtures or moving wastewater away from the property. 

The most common use of water pumps in residential homes is for boosting the household water pressure. This type of pump is usually installed close to where the main water supply enters the house. By increasing the pressure within the pipes, it enables higher flow rates that make it easier to use showers or kitchen fixtures with greater efficiency. 

Additionally, some households may also need pumps to lift groundwater from wells into storage tanks where it can be filtered and used throughout the home. Other dwellings will have rainwater tanks, and need to pump that water from the tank to the toilets, outdoor taps, or even garden irrigation systems.


Let’s have a look at each feature the Giantz 800W high pressure water pump has. There are a lot of advantages that make this pump unique.

Made of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pumps are highly durable and resistant to corrosion due to their construction from high-grade materials. This ensures that they can withstand even the toughest industrial environments and will last for years without needing replacement. In addition, these pumps are incredibly efficient at transferring liquids and gasses from one source to another with minimal energy expenditure. 

The cost savings associated with using a stainless steel water pump are undeniable too; compared to other types of pumps, these units are relatively inexpensive and require less maintenance over time - meaning you get more bang for your buck in the long run!

Vibration Resistant Base

Sturdy vibration resistant pump bases are an excellent choice for a variety of applications as they provide increased reliability and performance.

These types of pump bases are engineered to reduce vibration and noise levels, as well as promote better stability when in operation. This makes them ideal for both residential and commercial applications that involve transferring fluids over long distances or at high pressures. In addition, their heavy construction ensures that they remain secure even during sudden pressure fluctuations or surges.

Overall, sturdy vibration resistant pump bases offer excellent performance benefits due to their reliable construction and advanced design features which make them suitable for a range of uses. 

Forced Air Cooling Motor

Forced air cooling motors are an essential part of a water pump system. These motors provide several benefits that have made them increasingly popular in water pumps used for varying purposes, such as irrigation and industrial use. Forced air cooling motors are designed to move large amounts of air around the components to keep them cool during operation. This helps increase the lifespan of the motor by reducing heat buildup. Additionally, forced air cooling allows the motor to run at higher speeds with less strain on other components, saving energy in the overall system.

Another benefit is improved reliability and reduced downtime due to lower maintenance requirements. Since Forced air cooling motors don't require additional liquid coolants, there is no need for refilling or regular servicing which can be costly and time consuming over time.

Waterproof Power Switch

The benefits of waterproof power switches in water pumps is a must for any system that utilizes water. Waterproof power switches are important components that help protect against electrical shock and the risk of fire caused by an overload of electricity. They also provide quick reactions and lockouts when necessary, which helps keep homeowners and property safe from potential hazards due to a malfunctioning pump. 

The added protection afforded by waterproof power switches enables greater security for residential houses as well as organizations such as aquariums or laboratories utilizing water tanks. It allows necessary systems to be powered with electricity while still keeping them safe from damage due to accidental contact with liquids or moisture build-up over time. Additionally, they can provide extra protection against corrosion and oxidation caused by saltwater spray or other contaminants found near pools or large bodies of water.

Built-in Dry Run & Thermal Protection Switch

Having a reliable pump is key for avoiding any potential issues.Two features that can help ensure a reliable pump are built-in dry run protection and thermal protection switches.

Built-in dry run protection helps protect the water pump from running when there is no water present. This prevents the motor from overworking itself, which can cause it to burn out quickly due to lack of lubrication. Thermal protection switches are designed to turn off the electric current automatically when the motor temperature reaches a certain level. This prevents overheating or damage to internal parts due to heat overload on the motor or system components. By having these two features in your water pump, you will have improved safety measures in place and increased reliability over time.

Fully Automatic Pump Controller

A fully automatic pump controller can provide a number of benefits to any water pump system. In essence, they are designed to offer automated control of the water pump by regulating its speed and pressure in order to achieve maximum efficiency. By controlling both these variables, they can help reduce energy consumption, while also providing a longer life-span for the equipment.

The first benefit is that the controller will maintain consistent water pressure irrespective of changes in demand or flow rate. This helps eliminate any sudden drops or surges which could otherwise damage the equipment, as well as reducing wastage from over-pressurised systems. It also ensures that users receive a predictable performance every time it’s used, eliminating costly repairs and downtime for maintenance purposes.

Rust-resistant Coated Motor Housing

Rust-resistant coated motor housing is a great way to ensure the longevity of your water pump. By protecting the motor components from corrosion, rust-resistant coatings can help keep the motor running for years. This type of protection is especially important in areas prone to damp weather or where there may be saltwater present. 

The process of coating a water pump's motor housing with a rust-resistant material involves applying multiple layers of paint and other protective materials. These layers act as an additional barrier against moisture and oxidation that could lead to rust formation on the exterior and interior parts of the motor housing. The thickness and quality of these layers will depend on what kind of environment the pump will be operating in, as some environments require more protection than others.

Simple Installation

Installing a water pump can often be a complex and time-consuming process, but with simple installation required, it doesn’t have to be. Simple installation means that the entire process is made easier and more straightforward for the user. By utilizing this feature, homeowners can save both time and money while taking on the job of installing their own water pump.

The benefits of simple installation are numerous; it eliminates the need to hire a professional contractor to handle the job, meaning no additional labor costs or delays in completing the project. Furthermore, it provides greater flexibility in terms of where the pump can be installed - whether indoors or outdoors - as well as how you can power it (either through electricity or gasoline). With a simplified setup, users can ensure that their pump is correctly and safely installed without worry of damaging any surrounding property due to an incorrect setup or improper wiring.

Giantz 800W High Pressure Pump Specs

  • Voltage: 220 / 240V
  • Frequency:, 50/60Hz
  • Max Flow: 54 Liters per minute 
  • Maximum Delivery: 40m
  • Inlet & Outlet: 25mm (1”)
  • Suction depth: 7m

Final Words

In conclusion,the Giantz 800W High Pressure Water Pump is a reliable and efficient product that can help make any water-related task simpler. This powerful pump features an easy-start system, allowing for quick start up and providing long lasting performance. Its portability makes it ideal for those who need to move the device from place to place, making it convenient for almost any job. The adjustable pressure regulator also helps you customize your water flow rate depending on what job you’re working on.

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