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One Thing You Need to Know About Monitor Wall Mount

If you want to mount your TV on the wall, you need to take your time to choose the right TV wall mount to suit your needs. You will benefit from the space it saves, and if you install it right, the TV will be at a comfortable height for you to relax while watching your favorite TV show or movie.

While there are many different models of monitor wall mount, in reality there are just three basic types: low profile (or entry level), the tilting mount and the full motion wall mount. Let’s have a look at these products.

Viewing Angle

Before looking into the different types of TV wall monitors in the Australian market today, it is important to talk about the importance of the viewing angle while using a TV mounted on the wall. You will notice that the main difference between the three different types of TV wall monitors is the ability they have to provide the user with the best viewing angle.

There is one reason the viewing angle is very important on wall mounted televisions; once the TV is mounted on the wall, there is no easy way to relocate it. Imagine spending the weekend mounting the TV on the wall, to find out at the end that watching TV for 30 minutes gives you a sore neck.

Finding the correct place to mount the television is not very complicated. However, it is necessary to take in consideration the position of the viewer, as well as the TV. If you would like to know more, click on the link: wall mount height for TV.  

Low Profile TV Wall Mount

These are the most economical wall mount, they are also the easiest to install. Therefore, they are also considered as entry level TV wall mounts. They allow you to hang the TV or monitor on the wall and that is it. Nothing else! You cannot move the screen up and down, or left and right.

If you expect to watch TV while sitting in the same chair, or couch, the lack of mobility might not be a problem. However, if you have multiple areas in the room you expect to watch TV, this type of mount is not recommended for you.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Moving up from the entry level mount, you will have a TV wall mount that is able to tilt. Some models will tilt the TV across the sides, others in the vertical position, and some will tilt in all directions. 

With a tilting TV wall mount, you can have more viewing angles, so you are not that limited to where you can watch TV. Obviously, expect to pay a little bit more for this type of mount. 

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

This wall mount will give you full mobility of your TV mounted on the wall. It is best suited in a large room, where multiple people will watch TV, or the viewer can be in different spots. It is also a good wall mount to have it in the bedroom.

The full-motion TV wall mount comes with an extended arm, so you can move the TV within reason to suit your most comfortable viewing angle. 

Alternative To Wall Mount

Mounting the TV on the wall is not for everyone, as it is a sort of permanent placement of the TV. Some people feel like changing the decoration and organization in the room very often, or they live in a rental property and the landlord does not allow wall mounts. There are many reasons a wall mount might not be suitable.

Don’t worry, if this is your case, you can use a TV with floor stand. They are modern pieces of furniture and allow the TV to be mounted on a mounting plate, so it looks like the TV is mounted on the wall, but you can easily move around if you have to.

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