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Giantz 7 Drawer Tool Box Cabinet Review

Giantz 7 Drawer Tool Box Cabinet Review

The idea of this article is to review the features of one of TecnoTool’s best sellers, the Giantz 7 drawer tool box cabinet. Before we start we must be honest with our customer and point out that this is not an independent review. Nevertheless, this article has the intention to highlight the pros and cons of this product.

We want to talk about the features of this product and show how they make this trolley tool box one of the best in the Australian market today. 

What is a Trolley Tool Box?

As the name suggests, this product is a combination between trolley and tool box. As a trolley it is designed to be moved around, so it comes with a set of wheels. The tool box part of it usually comes in modular drawers that can be added and removed as needed.  This makes this storage solution very versatile.

Material of Construction

The material of construction is the foundation for a product built to last. Our Giantz 7 Drawer Tool Box Cabinet is made out of powder-coated metal to enhance rust resistance. The sturdy construction also comes with a stainless steel ball-bearing slide, the drawers have scratch proof liners, and also lined to protect the tools and equipment from moving about. The frame is made of steel. The castors are made of stainless steel and rubber.

Versatile Design

The modular design allows you to add or remove the top drawers. This feature is particularly useful for people who need to move the trolley around on a regular basis. If you need to take the tools with you to another location, you can even remove the top drawers and use it as a tool box only.

It is not only about mobility, but also space. As the detachable design makes this product a height adjustable one. 

Lockable Chest Drawers

This feature gives an extra piece of mind. Ideal to business, in which multiple people have access to the workshop or warehouse.

Spacious Storage Space

With 7 different size drawers and a large storage space on the bottom of the trolley, you are going to have enough space to keep all your tools. The large drawers are 53cm x 33cm x 8cm and the smallest are this same length divided by three. The storage compartment at the bottom is 53cm x 38cm x 33cm.

General Features

Last, but definitely not least, other features of this tool box trolley are rotatable anti-slip castors with brakes, side handles to facilitate moving the trolley around and internal anti-slip lined drawers.

Overall, this is a great product for DIY enthusiasts, small to medium-size businesses with a busy warehouse or workshop. This trolley tool box is built to last.


Price wise, this product offers value for money for its users. Compared to a custom-made trolley, or even a premium brand in the market, you get more features at a lower cost. You see, at TecnoTools, we  offer our customers value for money, it is our main goal. By buying our tool box trolleys, you get what you need, but do not pay more for it. 

About TecnoTools

TecnoTools is an Australian company supplying office technology and specialized tools. We offer Australian wide delivery at competitive rates. All our products come with a 12-month warranty for an extra piece of mind.
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