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Floor Standing TVs vs. Wall-Mounted TVs What You Should Know

Floor Standing TVs vs. Wall-Mounted TVs What You Should Know

When choosing between a floor standing TV and a TV wall mount, there are several things to keep in mind. The size of the screen, the viewing angle, and the distance between the viewer and the screen all affect how well the picture looks on the TV.

Easier to move around

This is an easy one to write about. If using a TV stand floor, it is obvious to understand that this product allows the user to move the television from time to time. People who like to freshen up the decoration of the room on a regular basis will benefit from a floor standing TV. If you are renting, you probably cannot install a wall mount in the property you are living in. This makes the floor mounted TV stand the first option when choosing how to mount the screen..  

Watch TV from multiple angles

First of all, we need to stress out how important the viewing angle of the TV is; especially if you intend to use a TV wall mount. Get the bracket installed in the wrong spot and have to watch TV in an uncomfortable position until you decide you had enough and endure a reinstallation of the wall mount, which can be costly and a lot of effort.

Regardless of using a floor stand or a TV wall mount, make sure you plan for the television to be positioned in the most comfortable location. The height for TV wall mount is extremely important.

Even though TV wall mounts will have the television installed on the wall, good brackets come with extra long arms that actually allow the user to move the TV around in a way that you can get different viewing angles. Obviously, if using a TV floor mount, all you have to do is to move the stand itself. Which can be harder than moving the TV mounted on the wall, as you will have to lift the TV mount stand, plus the television. I can assure you it will be heavy. 

So the bottom line is, both the TV wall mount unit and TV stand floor can be adjustable so you can have multiple viewing angles.

They look great in any room

The modern designs of TV floor stands and TV wall mounts make both products very similar in terms of looks. Bear in mind that you will mount the TV on the floor stand, so the final visual result is the same, compared to a TV mounted on the wall. 

They don't take up as much space

We need to give the space saving title to TV wall mount units. If you are using one, you can easily realize the space you need is the television size itself and nothing else. The TV will be elevated, so nothing underneath. If you want to save space, the wall mounted TV is the way to go.

Floor standing TVs are not too bad either. However, as the name says, there will be a floor stand, so more space will be taken. The positive note is that good TV stand floors come with some storage compartments, so you can have your DVD player, game console, stereo, bluetooth speaker, etc.


If using a TV stand for floor no installation is needed. All you have to do is to assemble the unit and you are good to go. However, if you would like to mount the TV on the wall, the installation itself is a bit of an effort, especially if you are not a handyman, or do not have all the tools you need for the job. If you would like to know more about TV wall mount installation, we recommend reading the article: how to install TV wall mount.
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