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Finding The Perfect Monitor Mount

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A Monitor mount, or monitor arm, from Tecno Tools significantly supports and raises computer, laptop, or tablet screens to level with your ideal viewing height to find a comfortable position. With it’s ergonomic design, it helps prevent or relieve the fatigue and strain caused by long periods of working in incorrect positions and postures. Meanwhile, a monitor arm can be attached to the back of the desk, which releases desktop space and optimises the working space on your desk.


How to choose?

Always remember, before shopping for your ergonomic monitor arm, discover how much your monitor weighs, which will determine the weight capacity of the monitor arm you select.

It’s also important to make sure whether your monitor is VESA compliant. The VESA mounting standard defines dimensions of the four-hole attachment interface on the back of monitors. You can locate the VESA compatibility in the manual or product information that comes with your monitor.

Additionally, consider and decide how many monitors you plan to use. It’s been proven that dual monitors are better for multitasking or creating an ideal gaming experience, and can increase visibility and productivity. Therefore, you can set up a multi-monitor arm for multiple screens or a single monitor stand according to your demands.

There are different monitor arm types in the market, including free-standing mount, desk-clamp mount, grommet mount, and wall or ceiling mount. Determining the right types depends on your unique workstation function and working style.


How to setup?

When viewing monitors all day long, positioning is paramount. Once you select the right monitor mounts, set up it correctly to find your optimally comfortable postures.

Firstly, place it directly in front of you and set the top of the screen at your eye level to minimise neck strain when looking straight. Also, your monitor should be about an-arm away from your eyes to avoid awkward postures. If your monitor is over 20 inches wide, set it slightly farther than an arm’s length distance. Besides, tilt the screen slightly a bit backward (about 10-20°) helps prevent any computer eye strain or fatigue.




The Tecno Tools Monitor Mount That Could Work For You:


Brateck Dual Monitor Interactive Counterbalance LCD VESA Desk Clamp and Grommet Mount for 13''-27'' LCD Monitors


The LDT09-C024N is constructed with solid steel, elegant die casting aluminum and integrated with innovative counterbalance technology.


It can efficiently frees up space on your desk and easily move your LCD monitor into the best ergonomic position. Highly adjustable arm moves up, down, forward and back with just a touch.


With weight capacity of 6kg/13.2lbs, this desk mount features 360° monitor rotation, -90°~ +90° tilt, 180°swivel and vertical distance height adjustments.


The desk arm is designed with cable management to provide neat desk space. The monitor mount is ideal for offices, homes, public area, industrial settings, production line and many more




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