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Elevate Your Viewing Experience with the Brateck Extra Long Arm Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Elevate Your Viewing Experience with the Brateck Extra Long Arm Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

In the ever-evolving world of home entertainment, finding the perfect TV mount is crucial to creating an immersive and aesthetically pleasing setup. The Brateck Extra Long Arm Full-Motion TV Wall Mount stands out as a game-changer, offering an array of features that cater to both functionality and design. Let's delve into the impressive qualities that make this TV mount a must-have for your home.

Extending Arm: Reach New Heights

The Brateck TV Wall Mount takes versatility to new heights with its remarkable 1015mm (40") extending arm. This feature is a godsend for those tricky mounting spaces where traditional mounts fall short. Whether you're aiming to place your TV in a corner or high on the wall, the extensive arm extension ensures that you have the flexibility to find the perfect viewing angle without compromise.

Swiveling Arm: Virtually Limitless Viewing Possibilities

What sets this TV mount apart is its almost limitless swivel capability. The swiveling arm allows you to position your TV in any direction, making it a perfect choice for rooms with multiple seating areas. No longer bound by fixed viewing angles, you can effortlessly adjust your TV to cater to various viewing preferences. Say goodbye to neck strain and hello to personalized, optimal viewing experiences.

Free-Tilting Design: Customize Your Viewing Experience

The Brateck TV Wall Mount features a free-tilting design that adds a new dimension to your viewing pleasure. Tilt your screen up or down by up to 15 degrees, providing you with the freedom to reduce glare and enhance comfort. Whether you're catching the big game or enjoying a movie night, the ability to fine-tune your TV's tilt ensures an immersive experience tailored to your preferences.

Cable Management: Aesthetics Meets Functionality

One common concern with wall-mounted TVs is the unsightly tangle of cables that can detract from the overall look of your living space. Brateck addresses this issue with an integrated cable management system. Keep your cables hidden from view and neatly organized behind the TV, eliminating the need for unsightly cable covers or a tangled mess. The result? A clean, organized wall that complements the sleekness of your mounted TV.


The Brateck Extra Long Arm Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is a testament to innovation in home entertainment. With its extended arm, swivelling capabilities, free-tilting design, and thoughtful cable management system, this mount not only enhances your viewing experience but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Embrace the future of TV mounting and transform your home into a haven of entertainment with the Brateck TV Wall Mount.

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