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Electrical Winch Hoist. What Features You Should Look For

Electrical Winch Hoist. What Features You Should Look For

If you operate a warehouse with large and heavy items, you probably benefit from using an electrical winch hoist. This product is a great alternative to forklifts, as hoists are cheaper to buy, require less maintenance and you do not need to have a license to operate them. However, before buying and electrical winch hoists, you need to look for specific features, otherwise you might get a product that does not suit your needs.


First of all, before thinking of installing a hoist, make sure your warehouse is equipped with overhead beams. It does not matter how good the hoist is, if you do not have a strong enough structure to bear heavy loads, the winch hoist is irrelevant. With that out of the way, let’s see what features you should look for:

  • Steel cable – You want to get away from chains and synthetic ropes. Chains are difficult to operate and have less strength the steel cables. Ropes do not last long enough and are simply not reliable as they can break at any time. Steel cables last long, are high tensile and allow a smooth operation, no t demanding much of the motor
  • Emergency instant stop switch – When things go wrong, you must be able to stop the operation immediately. You do not expect to use the emergency stop feature, but if you need it one day, you will be relief to have an electrical winch hoist with this feature.
  • Built-in for self-cooling – With this feature, you can rest assured you do not need to stop operating the hoist because of overheating.
  • Single and double cable lifting – This is a great feature. If your hoist allows you to fold the cable in half, you can use double of the strength of the cable to lift the load. For example, if the cable is rated to lift 500kg, by folding it and using double lifting the maximum capacity is 1000kg.
  • Overload protection – The truth is most of the time you do not how much the load weights before start lifting it. That is why this feature is so important. If you try to lift a load over the capacity of the electrical winch hoist, the motor will not work. If does not only protects the hoist from being damaged, but it protects the load and most importantly the workers involved in the work and those that are just passing by.
  • International approvals – While this does not make any difference in the operation of the hoist, having the product tested and approved by independent quality authorities make a massive difference. If a hoist has a malfunction, it can have very serious consequences with financial and human losses. You definitely do not want it to happen in your warehouse. The most common international approvals are: CE, GS, RoHS, EMC

TecnoTools offers to its customer a comprehensive range of electrical winch hoist. Our products are perfect for small and medium businesses that need to lift up to 1,000kg. You can find all the features above in our hoists, and many more. We keep stock in all major capital cities, which allow us to offer very quick delivery times and reasonable delivery rates. Our products come with 12-month warranty for an extra piece of mind.
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