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Electric Sit-Stand Desk, or Manual Sit-Stand Desk. Which One Is Right For You?

Electric Sit-Stand Desk, or Manual Sit-Stand Desk. Which One Is Right For You?

Over the past few years, Sit-Stand Desks have become very popular. It has been proven that sitting down in front of a monitor everyday is not good for your health. Standing up all day is not good for your health either, so the perfect combination is to sit and stand throughout the day, combined with short walks around the office. 

A few different features set some sit-stand desks apart from others. These are surface area, weight capacity, maximum height, sturdiness and operation methods (electric motors or manual operated desks). In this article we are going to highlight a few differences between methods of operation.

Electric Sit-Stand Desks

It is easy to think of the advantages of electric sit-stand desks; the main one is that the desk goes up and down by a click of a button. No effort is required. However, besides the easy operation there are more features that are worth mentioning in this article.

Preset height levels

Finding the right heights might not be an easy task, so when you finally find the right one, you definitely want to keep it. Imagine if you have to spend precious time trying to fine tune the correct height. What might not seem to be a big problem to start off, will certainly make you frustrated throughout the time. 

Brateck Single-Motor Electric Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desk (Black) 1400x600x740 1200mm

High weight capacity

That is a very big advantage of the electric sit-stand desk. Good quality ones can take up to 80kg. It may think it is an overkill, but if you consider having two screens, laptop, books, stationary and other accessories on the desk, the chances are you will need a heavy weight capacity desk. Definitely, the electric version is the best stand up desk for 2 monitors.

Manual Operated Sit-Stand Desks

I cannot think of any advantage of a manual operated sit-stand desk apart from the price. Other than the cost, they are difficult to use, have very limited weight capabilities and are difficult to operate. So is there any alternative to the electric version of the sit-stand desk?

The answer is yes! Although, in my opinion, an electric sit-stand desk offers its user the best cost benefit, there are sit-stand desk converters that are designed to be on the top of ordinary desks. They are also called the best budget sit stand desk


Converters have a lower weight capacity. Good brands' products are rated around 20kg to 30kg, which is suitable to keep one monitor on the top of it. They can be manual, gas spring, or even electric operated. It might not come as a surprise that I do not see any advantage on the manual operated one. However gas spring sit-stand converters are not bad and relatively easy to operate. That being said, when you compare the price between a gas spring and electric operated converter, it is roughly the same. So if you are on the budget and cannot afford an electric sit-stand desk, an electric converter is a very good option.

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