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Commercial Bin Racks. Does Your Company Need One?

Commercial Bin Racks. Does Your Company Need One?

Nowadays there are many different types of commercial storage solutions. The right type for your business depends on which items you need to store. For small parts and tools, bin racks are the best options. They are versatile, do not take much space, and hold a large amount of small to medium size items. The bins are usually made of hard plastic and are very sturdy. That being said, they can be easily replaced after years of use. So if you use a good brand with a high quality rack, it will last a lifetime. 

There are some features that make a commercial bin rack better than others. Find them below.

  • Detachable bins: The rack fits dozens, if not hundreds of bins. It means they will be placed very close to each other. It is important the bins can be easily removed and placed back, otherwise it is not going to be convenient to add or remove tools and parts to and from the bins.
  • Labelling slots: This might be a quite simple feature, but start using a bin mounted rack without a designated space for labelling, and you will see how important it is. Imagine multiple bins, most of them looking exactly the same, holding hundreds of tools. You have to find one specific tool and do not know which bin has it. Now you have to look into every single one of them to find the tool you need. Labelling slots make the system neat and organized, besides will save you precious time.
  • Different size bins: It allows you to keep a variety of parts and tools. Traditionally bin mounted racks hold medium to small size items, and having different size bins will make all of them fit. 
  • Rust-resistant finish frame: The frame is the “backbone” of the racking system. As explained before, the bins are easily replaceable, but the system will be functional as long as the racks are free rust and standing still. 
  • Joinable bins: That is a feature that is not easily found in the market. Some brands allow you to join two or more bins together forming a larger bin, so larger items can be held by the system. That being said, the weight rating remains the same, so heavy tools or parts cannot be kept within joined bins. The brand Giantz has a bin rack with wheels with this feature.

There are a few different ways to have bin racks. They can have stands, being built on wheels, or even installed on walls. The type of rack suitable for you depends on your usage and the area you would like to keep the system, let’s go through them to find the best type for you.


Wall Mounted Rack

Bin wall mounted racks are very popular in residential garages, and small workshops or warehouses, as installing the racks on the wall is a great way to save space. Small racks start at 30 bins and can have as many bins as you need. The limitation will be the space on the wall. The 60 bin parts rack is a popular option. It offers a good number of bins without taking up all space on the wall.

Mounted racks often offer an extra feature: tools holder. It is the perfect solution for tools and accessories storage.This system has half of its frame assembled with traditional storage bins; the other half is a peg board. The pegs work as a hook for tools, and the board has pre-drilled holes where the pegs are attached to. So you can distribute the pegs anyway you like, allowing you to shape the system to suit your needs.


Floor Stand Mounted Rack

Floor rack bin organizer is a storage system on stands. It takes more space than wall mounted racks, but they are flexible products, as you can move the rack from time to time to suit your needs. Usually racks on stands are not joinable with other similar racks. Obviously you can use more than one, but they will not work as just a one piece unit.

As it is a semi-portable system, it is not large. It does not have other features apart from storage bins. In summary it is a very basic system.

Bin Rack on Wheels

Bin rack with wheels is ideal for users who need a portable storage system. Mechanical workshops are a great example, where the parts need to be taken to where the vehicle that needs to be serviced or repaired is. The portability of this product comes with a price, as it is a very simple system storage wise. That being said, the rack must be robust enough to withstand constant handling and holding a large number or tools or parts. 

One important feature this product should have is brake-able castor wheels, as if it is moved accidentally  or even intentionally it can cause great damage to the system, tools it holds, workshop or warehouse, property nearby and people around it.

Good brands will also offer  additional storage with bottom and top tray. After all, an extra storage space is never too much.

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