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Best features for a triple monitor stand

Best features for a triple monitor stand

In the modern cooperative world, working with just one monitor is not enough. The amount of information an office worker has to deal with these days is just too much for one screen. To improve productivity and make the worker more comfortable, two or even three monitors are used. If that is your case, you need a triple monitor stand in your workstation. Let’s have a look at the features that set apart good monitor stands from the bad ones.

Gas Spring Mechanism 

 A gas spring mechanism monitor arm mount is a device that helps to secure a monitor in place while also providing the ability to adjust its position. This type of mount is typically used in office settings, where multiple people may need to view the same screen from different angles. 

There are several benefits to using a gas spring mechanism monitor arm mount. First, it allows for easy adjustments to the position of the monitor. This can be helpful if someone needs to view the screen from a different angle or height. Second, the gas spring mechanism provides stability and prevents the monitor from wobbling or moving around. This is especially important in offices where there is a lot of activity and movement. Lastly, the gas spring mechanism protects the monitor from damage if it falls or is knocked over.

Detachable Mounting Plate

A new detachable mounting plate has been designed to enable easy installation in monitor stands. The plate is made of a durable material and can be easily attached to the back of a monitor stand. The mount can then be easily installed in the desired location.

The detachable mounting plate is a great innovation for those who want to install their monitor stands in a specific location. The mount is very easy to install and can be done in just a few minutes. The mount is also very secure and will keep your stand firmly in place.

Non-skid silicone pads

Non-skid silicone pads are a very useful feature to have. Not only do they protect the desk surface from scratches or scuffs, but they also keep the stand firmly in place.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing non-skid silicone pads. 

  • Make sure the pads are made of high-quality silicone. 
  • Choose pads that are the right size for your stand. 
  • Pads should have a strong adhesive backing.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect non-skid silicone pads for your needs. Protect your desk and keep your stand firmly in place with these simple tips.

Adjustable Viewing Angle

Having the ability to easily and quickly adjust the monitors is extremely important. After all, office workers are expected to spend many hours a day in front of the screens. You definitely want to find a comfortable viewing angle to work. 

To evaluate if the triple monitor stand has a decent adjustable viewing angle, you should be looking at tilt range, swivel range and screen rotation. Just follow the recommendation below. 

  • Tilt Range: +40°~-40°
  • Swivel Range: +90°~-90°
  • Screen Rotation: +180°~-180°

Different Installation Methods

The three main methods of installing your triple monitor stand are: clamp, grommet and flat base.


Triple monitor mounts with clamps are generally very easy to install. The clamp is attached to the back of the monitor. Then, the mount is positioned on the wall and screwed into place. Finally, the monitor is connected to the mount using a screw or bolt.

Monitor mounts with clamps provide a number of benefits. They free up desk space by allowing the monitor to be mounted on the wall. They can improve ergonomics by positioning the monitor at eye level.


Monitor arms are often mounted using grommets, as they provide a strong and secure method of attachment.

Grommets are usually placed around the edge of a hole in the table top, and then the monitor arm is passed through the center of the grommet. The grommet then locks the monitor arm in place, preventing it from being pulled out or dislodged. Monitor arms that are mounted using grommets are typically very sturdy and secure.

Flat Base

The most simple triple monitor stand will be equipped with a flat base. All the user has to do is to place the base on the desired spot in the table top. No installation is needed. However, flat base monitor stands are not very stable, as if someone accidently knocks the stand off the monitors can fall. This is particularly concerning on double and triple mounts. 

Cable Management

Cable management is an important feature in monitor arm mounts. This allows users to keep their desk area tidy and organized, while also providing easy access to cables when needed. Monitor arm mounts with cable management features can help to reduce desk clutter and improve work efficiency.

USB Ports

This is not a feature that most monitor mounts offer. However, you can find USB ports in premium models. This feature makes the port extremely accessible, as they are normally located in the front of the mount.

Triple Monitor Mounts Sold by TecnoTools

TecnoTools has a comprehensive range of triple monitor mounts. The company ships Australia wide and offers a 12 month warranty in all products. Let’s have a look at a few mounts sold by TecnoTools.

Brateck Triple Pole-Mounted Monitor Arm with USB

  • Paint spraying surface finish protects your monitor from scratches and wear. It also provides a sleek and professional look
  • The mount is made for screens size from 17" to 27", so it will fit most monitors
  • The mount features USB ports, so you can connect your USB devices to the mount
  • The arm is compatible with curved monitors, giving you the option to use it with different monitor types
  • Support method: clamp or grommet
  • Price: $325

Brateck Triple Steel Articulating Monitor Stand

  • Feature adjustable height allowing you to position your monitors at the most ergonomic and comfortable position for you, reducing strain on your neck and back
  • The swiveling arms give you the maximum viewing experience, allowing you to rotate your monitors to suit your needs
  • Feature cable management. Keeps your work area tidy and organized, improves the aesthetics of your workstation by neatly hiding away cables, this product 
  • Support method: flat base 
  • Price: $113

Brateck Gaming Triple Monitor Stand

  • The racing seat and triple monitor stand provide the perfect set-up for an immersive gaming experience
  • You can get the optimal viewing angle for your race car-driving games
  • Anti-theft locking device to prevents theft of monitors
  • The swiveling arm feature allows for more convenient operation of the triple monitor stand
  • Price: $350

Brateck Triple Mechanical Spring Monitor Arm

  • Gas spring technology, for an easy and smooth adjust of the monitor independently
  • Two USB port conveniently placed in the front of the stand base
  • Great range of rotation, tilt and swivel of the monitors, so you can find the perfect viewing angle
  • Support method: clamp or grommet
  • Price: $240
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