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Benefits of TV Wall Mounts

Benefits of TV Wall Mounts

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There are several benefits of mounting your TV on a wall with a TV wall mount instead of using a stand or entertainment centre. Some of the reasons you should consider mounting your television using a TV Wall Mount are:


TV Wall Mounts helps prevent neck and eye strain

Most TV stands sit lower to the ground, which can result in neck and eye strain. A regular TV wall mount will prevent this, but you can also use a full-motion TV wall mount to ensure you can move and angle your TV for optimal viewing – no glares, no straining.


TV Wall Mounts adds more space to your home

The furniture used to hold a TV usually takes up a fair amount of floor space. If you choose to keep a table underneath the TV wall mount, you can use the top of the table to its full potential instead of dedicating it to the TV.


TV Wall Mounts help hide wires which creates less clutter and avoids damage

With so many devices that are connected to our TVs - streaming devices, gaming systems etc – it’s becoming more and more difficult to organise and hide those cords. By using a TV wall mount, you can hide the cords from view and prevent kids or pets from damaging them.


Today’s flat screens are made to be mounted on a TV Wall Mount

Flat screen TVs are designed with mounting holes. Although many come with legs to put them on a flat surface as well, manufacturers make it easy with mounting holes that most mounts fit – just make sure your TV wall mount is designed to hold the weight and size of the TV.


A TV on a TV Wall Mount is safer

When a TV is mounted to the wall correctly on a TV Wall Mount, it’s there for good. Not only does this keep the TV out of the way of kids and pets bumping into it or getting caught on the wires, it also prevents the chances of the TV falling over on you, a child, or a pet.



Our Artiss TV Wall Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel Full Motion could be just for you!

With universal compatibility with most major TV brands, our Artiss TV Wall Mount is designed to add a seamless touch to your entertainment set-up. Crafted in solid black powder-coated iron, the TV wall mount features a 1.5mm thick frame that can handle a maximum weight of up to 50kg and has flexible mounting with various VESA measurements to firmly affix any TV screen from 23 inch to 55 inch. Better still, the mount allows for tilt and swivel so that you can adjust your TV to suit your most comfortable eye line for more enjoyable viewing. Suitable for concrete or brick wall use, the Artiss TV Wall Mount is definitely the way to space-saving epic TV entertainment.


Or even our Brateck Economy Ultra Slim Fixed TV Wall Mount!

The LUMI new KL22-44F ultra slim fixed TV wall mount is designed to fit any 32'-55' Flat Panel TV up to 35kg/77lbs. Super Slim design sits just 19.5mm from wall to complement the sleek look of ultra-thin TVs. It features an open design which maximizes airflow to equipment and provides easy access to the back of components. It also allows lateral shift adjustment, allowing the TV to slide left and right on the wall plate so it's positioned exactly where you want it. This fixed-position mount is perfect for viewing your TV at eye level.


To view our full selection of TV Wall Mounts, click here!




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