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6 Common Questions About Trolley Tool Boxes

6 Common Questions About Trolley Tool Boxes

A trolley tool box is a product that is very popular among DIY enthusiastic people, tradies and even businesses that need a large amount of tools. It is often mixed up with conventional trolleys to transport heavy and bulky items. However, a trolley tool box is not only used to move tools, even though the product can be moved around in the workshop, the main goal of it is to safely store tools and make them accessible in different places within the workshop.  

Let’s have a look at the most common 10 questions people ask before making a decision of buying a trolley tool box.

1- What sort of tools can I keep in a trolley tool box?

It depends on the size of the tool box. Good ones are made of steel, so it can hold heavy loads. If the item fits in the drawer it is supposed to be able to hold it. In this case, common sense applies. For example, some batteries can be relatively small and heavy. Storing it in the long term might bend the drawer.  

2- Is a trolley tool box safe to use in a workshop with a high number of people?

If the tool box will be used in an area in which a high number of people will be around, it is recommended that you get a tool box with a lock-in device. This will give you peace of mind of having expensive tools stored in it. 

3- What are the most useful features in a trolley tool box?

Trolley tool boxes are not rocket science products. They are relatively simple and good ones will have a decent storage space, quality castor wheels, lock-in devices and quality bearings on the drawers for a smooth movement of opening and closing.

4- I do not need a trolley, just a robust tool box. What are the options available?

There are many different models of tool boxes in the Australian market today. You can find them in every shape and size. I am sure you can find one to suit your needs. There is one model called toolbox chests, that is very similar to the trolley, but without the wheels. That specific model is made to be placed on top of tables. It is usually a great alternative to a full trolley tool box. 

5- Is a trolley tool box suitable to be used in UTEs or cars?

Not really. Trolley tool boxes are designed to be used in workshops, in other words, they are stationary products. If you need a tool box for your car or UTE you need a canopy tool box. This product has been designed to be installed on the top, or even under UTE canopies and is the ideal solution if you need to store your tools in your car.

6- Do I need to assemble or install a trolley tool box?

This varies according to the model and manufacturer of the product. That being said, most trolley tool boxes come pre-assembled from the factory, usually the user receives it in two or three pieces that need to be put together and that is it. It is not difficult to assemble. However, if it is important to you, you need to ask the supplier about it before buying the product.

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