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5 Ways A Monitor Arm Can Improve Your Workplace Experience

5 Ways A Monitor Arm Can Improve Your Workplace Experience

You may already know this by now, sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen for hours every day isn’t healthy. In fact, sitting for prolonged hours can cause significant health concerns and chronic pains due to the body’s lack of movement.

For this reason, many individuals and companies are beginning to invest in ergonomic tools, such as a sit stand desk and a dual monitor arm, to elevate their workplace experience. Believe it or not, a simple change in your monitor and desk positioning can do wonders for your productivity and health.

Interested in learning all the benefits of using a monitor arm? Read on.  


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What Is A Monitor Arm

As the name implies, a monitor arm acts like an arm that holds your computer monitor in different positions. It’s also referred to as a monitor mount or bracket, and it’s usually clamped to the back of your desk or mounted on a wall.

A monitor arm typically comes with a sturdy pole and different movable sections or joints that help place your monitor in an ergonomic position that best suits your needs.  

Benefits Of Using A Monitor Arm

For a very reasonable price, monitor mounts offer a lot of benefits for anyone who works at a desk job for hours on end. Here are a few of those benefits:  

1. Maximizes Space

The stand that comes with your monitor normally has several legs that can take a significant amount of space, especially if you have a smaller desk and if you’ll be using two or more monitors at once. 

Replacing the stand with a monitor arm can free up more desk space since a single pole is the only thing you’ll clamp onto the edge of your desk. A monitor arm can also mount multiple monitors in one pole, increasing your desk space.  

With this newfound space, you can now declutter and decorate your desk with office tools and pictures of your family or favorite pet.  

2. Promotes Efficiency

For those who use a laptop for work, chances are you’re frequently switching tabs and windows to get to different software tools. Not only does that interrupt your workflow, but it also decreases your productivity over the long haul.

If this is you, you might consider investing in an external monitor as well as a monitor mount. Using a mounted external monitor allows you to have more virtual space to work on. And, more space means you can quickly get to your task without breaking a sweat.  

3. Reduces Chronic Pains

If you’re experiencing chronic neck and back pains, you might want to check your posture during your work hours. In most cases, prolonged laptop usage can cause neck strain since you’re always hunched over, looking down on your screen.

Your eye-level should be the same height as your monitor’s top edge to reduce pains in your neck and back. Installing a monitor arm allows you to easily adjust your screen’s position so you can achieve the ideal ergonomic height.  

4. Increases Versatility

As individuals discover the harmful effects of sitting all day in front of computer screens, many have done away with traditional static desks and have switched to sit-stand desks. A sit-stand desk is a type of desk that uses a motor or a mechanical tool to adjust its height, so you can use it whether sitting down or standing up.

However, the ideal ergonomic position for your monitor is different when you’re sitting down or when you’re standing up. This is why a monitor arm on a height-adjustable desk is the perfect duo for an ergonomic workspace setup. This is because you can quickly prop up your monitor when you stand and lower it down when you sit.

5. Improves Posture

Staring at a terribly positioned monitor for hours over time will inevitably lead you to develop poor posture. If you’re working for a considerable chunk of your life, you’re putting yourself at risk of acquiring chronic back and neck issues that can impact your quality of life even outside of work.

Having an all-ergonomic setup–from your desk, chair, monitor, mouse, and keyboard–can help you reduce those risks and help you maintain your mobility in tip-top shape.  


Since most of the work you need to accomplish daily relies heavily on using a computer, you’re going to be spending hours sitting at a desk and looking at a screen. This kind of lifestyle certainly isn’t healthy if you plan on doing it for several years.

Investing in ergonomic equipment, like a monitor arm, not only helps counter the adverse effects of working at a desk, but it’ll also increase your productivity.

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