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5 Accessories Tradies Must Have In The UTE

5 Accessories Tradies Must Have In The UTE

If you are a tradie in Australia, I am sure you drive an UTE. This type of car is extremely versatile. It can move you and your tools and equipment to where the job is, and on the weekends, you can still use your car to do some camping or 4-Wheel-Driving. 

However, getting a brand new UTE from the dealership as the car comes from the factory is not enough, as bare UTE are not very useful for tradies. You need to fit some accessories to the car to make it suit your needs. 

Even though every tradie is different and the required accessories depend upon the type of the job, there are some common accessories that are useful regardless of what tradie you are. Let’s have a look at them.

1- Canopy Tool Box

This is the number one accessory we recommend. It does not matter what sort of job you do, the chances are you need to travel with a large number of tools and equipment to get the job done. Even though UTEs come with a large tray, it is not convenient to travel with tools in it. It is a large area and it is difficult to organize them, besides they move around as the car is driven, which damages them. You need to organize the equipment you travel with in an organized way. There is nothing better in the market than a Canopy Tool Box.

They come in different shapes and sizes. You can install one to take the whole area of the tray. However, if you do not need that much storage space, you can choose models that partially cover the tray. If you prefer, there are models that are made to be installed under the tray, so you do not lose any space at all.  


2 - Tray Cover

A tray cover not only protects whatever you are carrying in it, but also protects the tray itself from weather conditions. Besides, heavy penalties apply if your load is not properly covered in many states of Australia. It is a very simple product that makes a whole difference in the long term. 

So a cover is not only for showing. It has to be made of weatherproof material. Tensile strength is also important, as it has to be capable of being drawn out and stretched over ute trays.


3 - Tradie Rack

This accessory is not only handy for tradies, but also campers and weekend DIY enthusiasts. It is ideal for work and play, making it a must-have ute accessory! The rack can be installed in the tray, or even in the front of the car allowing the driver to carry long loads, such as sheet materials, timbers, pipes and other plumbing supplies. If you are using the car for leisure, you can carry Boats, canoes, kayaks, camping tents, etc.

4 - Tailgate Assist Kit

This is another accessory that pays off in the long term. A tailgate assist mechanism uses a two-way system to dampen the load while the tailgate is declining, so weight is reduced when inclining. Good tailgate kits are not intrusive and utilize factory mounting points, making the set up quite easy. You do not even remove the tailgate to install it.

5 - Hand Winch

Depending on what type of tradie you are, you might have to access construction sites with muddy grounds. A winch installed in your UTE may be an overkill, but it is handy to have a hand winch in your car. 

A good portable winch can toll up to 5,000kg, so it is more than enough to tow your UTE out of the mud. It can also be an useful accessory on the weekend if you want to tow a trailer of a boat.



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