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4 Surprising Benefits of a Monitor Arm

4 Surprising Benefits of a Monitor Arm

With more people work on flat-panel monitors, long time working in an incorrect posture can lead to many common office injuries, as neck pain, low back strain, eyesight problems, etc. Fortunately, with the help of using a monitor arm, it can be easily prevented. So, what is the monitor arm? A monitor arm is strong and flexible, can replace the original monitor stand by clipping to the edge of your desk. The monitor arm allows you to adjust the height and tilt of your screen easily, instead of keeping bound to one viewing position. The monitor arm is becoming a common office equipment since its easy installation and ergonomic benefits.


Prevent Physical Harms

Maintaining an ergonomic posture at work is important to prevent physical harms, as we mentioned above, a monitor arm can help you adjust the screen easily to fit a healthier posture - place the monitor about 20''-30'' away, and keep the top of the screen tilted slightly away from you. What's more, you can switch from sitting to standing at work expediently by using the adjustable monitor arm, to reduce the physical health risks caused by prolonged sitting workstyle.


Improve Productivity

With the development of computer technology, one monitor can't meet people's demands, two or more monitors are needed to display the programs running on one computer. More and more offices are realizing that having a workstation with multiple monitors can help improve productivity. According to the published studies, having multiple displays in a workplace setting can increase productivity up to 42%. For this reason, we recommend using the adjustable multi-monitor arm to offer a more dynamic and comfortable workstation for you.


Free Your Desktop Space

A monitor arm can reduce clutter and improve the aesthetics of your desk by providing more desk space and hiding unsightly cables. With the help of monitor arms, people can make better use of the desktop, thus improving work efficiency.


Affordable and Simple Solution of Sit Stand Desk

An adjustable monitor arm allows people to have an ergonomic workstyle without buying a full sit stand desk set. It is cost-effective and can be placed onto the existing desk easily, which is a perfect solution for limited office space and built-in furniture.

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