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How to choose an ergonomic monitor arm?

How to choose an ergonomic monitor arm?

As the monitor become a necessity of the modern office, many people spend a long time sitting in front of their desks, staring at monitor display. While Incorrect postures can lead to many physical problems like eyesight strain, low back pain, cervical spine stiffness, and then lower the work productivity. A monitor arm can solve the problem easily which is sturdy, flexible, allowing for a wider range of height adjustment, and free up your desktop space. With the help of monitor arm, you can reach a more ergonomic workstation to improve your working posture, productivity, and long-term health.  Comparing to a sit stand desk and adjustable standing converter, the monitor arm is more cost-effective and ideal for small office space. As a leading supplier of professional ergonomic products, TecnoTools offers a full line of monitor arm or dual monitor arm solutions to fit the ever-changing needs of any workplace and users. Choosing the proper ergonomic monitor arm depends on your unique requirements like monitor quantity, dimension, weight and other variables. Here are some tips for you.

Brateck Dual Wall Mount Gas Spring Monitor Arm

First of all, deciding how many monitors you plan to use. For many office workers, a single monitor is sufficient, while others opt for multi-monitor workstations. No matter single or multi monitors, you need to figure out the dimension and weight of each, as well as checking the VESA compatibility -- most monitors will use either 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm VESA plates. If not, the monitor adapter kit can allow your non-VESA monitor to be mounted on almost any ergonomic monitor arms.


Secondly, there are a variety of monitor arm mounting options, like clamp mount, grommet mount, freestanding desk mount, and wall mount, thus, you need to figure out your installation ways before choosing the proper monitor arm. Each of TecnoTool's monitor arm offers one or two of the four mounting options. Among them, the clamp mount is the most common type and is suitable for most desks and monitors. With freestanding desk mount, you don't need to drill holes into desks or countertops. And as the name suggests, the wall mount is the perfect solution for glass surface and building wall-mounted workstations. Each of them is sturdy and stable that you don't have to worry about tipping over or falling down.

Brateck Triple Monitors Gas Spring Aluminum Monitor Arm Mount For Screen Size 17"-32" up to 6.5kg VESA

Last but not least, determining what adjustment functions you want from your monitor arm. TeecnoTool's monitor arms feature different specifications of adjustment for height, tilt, swivel, rotation and distance of arm extend. Of which, height adjustment is the most complicated one that can be operated by different methods -- regular adjustment, mechanical spring, and gas spring. The gas spring perfectly counterbalances the weight of your monitor for smooth and accurate adjustment, while the mechanical spring is more environment-friendly with longer service life, and the regular arm offers a more affordable price. In addition to the basic adjustment features, some special functions are also provided for better user experience, like USB port, cable management, mic/headphone port and tool holder, etc.

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